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Why You Should Have An Anti-Virus Software On Your Computer

When you hear the word Virus, you generally know that it means something bad. Viruses are known to be deadly, hence the reason we don’t want them in our bodies or computer system.

What is a Computer Virus?

A computer virus is a malicious software that is often hidden but, its goal is to either destroy your system or steal your data and sometimes your money.  So, where does this malicious software or program come from? Well, viruses are the works of gifted programmers who desire to create chaos rather than value. In most cases, these programmers (hackers) create the virus to boost their ego. They are looking to validate their pride by creating a program to steal sensitive information from various sites or to simply damage the system. other times, they are simply looking to steal money.

Types of Virus?

To the average person, the type of virus evading their system doesn’t matter. They simply want to rid their computer of the virus. However, to get rid of the virus, you have to understand and know its characteristics. There are several types of viruses that can invade your system. They include;

  • Worms: Even the name sound gross. Worms are viruses that are capable of duplicating themselves across a network or computer. Also, they tend to spread to other computers and networks. By duplicating itself, the worms take up space and bandwidth on your computer and network. In so doing, they slow down your device and eat away at your precious files.
  • Malware: In technical terms, they are not classified as a virus. They are known as spyware. Malware is on this list because it is a program that spies on the victim’s computer activities as well as steal the victim’s personal information.
  • Trojans:  Trojans get their name from the popular story portraying the downfall of Troy, The Trojan Horse. Just like the mystic horse, Trojans invade a user’s computer without their knowledge.

Effects of Virus

Obviously, viruses are terrible for the computer system. Below are some reasons why;

  1. They slow down the computer.
  2. They are often used as weapons for stealing sensitive information from people’s computers.
  3. They can prevent the booting setup of a computer.
  4. They are capable of spreading from machine to machine.
  5. They can destroy parts or the entire system of the victim’s computer.
  6. They are able to send unauthorized messages from the computer.

If you notice any of these effects on your computer then, there is a high chance that a virus invading your computer system. The solution, get an anti-virus.

What is Anti-Virus?

An anti-virus is a software program that is able to prevent, fight-off and eliminate a virus. They are the countermeasures for dealing with computer viruses. Having one on your system helps to secure your computer from virus threat as it would alert you on potential dangers. A good anti-virus will continuously undergo updates to ensure it keeps up with the latest threats.

Why Get an Anti-Virus?

To treat a biological virus, you need a doctor. Similarly, to deal with criminals you need the police. An anti-virus program serves as both a doctor and a police officer to your computer. It will safeguard you from the malicious activities of a potential virus. In the event that you get evaded, it will help you eliminate the virus. With the level of activity and delicate information, we keep on computers, it is crucial we protect and secure them using an anti-virus.

For more information on the most effective anti-virus to get for your system in 2020, do reach out to us or leave a comment below.

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