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Why Create Challenging Passwords for Your Online Accounts and Devices?

What is the most dreadful nightmare of any person who uses a computer or any high-tech device for a living?

The answer is simple – Unauthorized Access.

In today’s world, where we have lost count of all the digital devices we use each day, information security has become quite a concern among the tech-savvy people. Every now and then we get to hear news of unauthorized users conducting organized digital theft.

But, digital theft doesn’t necessarily happen on the victim’s computer. The perpetrators can use any computer and break-in to your digital space to steal your bank account information, money, and sometimes, even identity!

So, how can you keep yourselves away from all this trouble? The only way you can do that is by creating passwords that no one in the world can challenge. In this blog post, we are going to discuss exactly that and try to convince you to choose a strong password for your devices and websites. Let’s get started!

Why Is Your Password Important?

The reason why most cybersecurity experts recommend putting strong and unique passwords is that the cybercriminals are well-equipped and skilled to compromise your devices, websites, and online accounts and share your information online. 

This can digitally expose you and jeopardize the safety of your virtual life. Once the cybercriminals have your passwords and email, they can easily search you through social media and gain access to your social life and even bank accounts.

Therefore, it is very important for you to create unique and strong passwords. Sometimes, cybercriminals don’t necessarily try guessing your passwords. They use a technique called ‘Brute Forcing’ in which they try every possible password until they stumble upon the right one.

They do this with the help of computers that can enter thousands of passwords every second! But, their success is dependent on the strength of your passwords. They want the passwords to be easy to identify and that is exactly why you need to have strong passwords!

To create challenging passwords, you must take care of a few points, which we will discuss now.

What are the Key Points to remember?

To create passwords that cannot be leaked or cracked, you will have to know exactly what it takes to come up with challenging combinations. These pointers should be noted and used when setting up any online account or creating passcode for any digital device.

  1. First and foremost, make sure your password is long and difficult to decipher.
  2. Coming up with a long and complex password will take some time of your busy schedule but it will secure your belongings for a very long time.
  3. Your passwords must contain at least ten characters and also include special characters like percent sign, underscore sign, parentheses sign, and also upper/lower case letters and numbers. This will ensure a complex password.
  4. Never ever write down your passwords down anywhere. When you write down your password, you are creating chances of it being leaked.
  5. Make sure you use different passwords for different devices and accounts. This is so that if one of your passwords gets leaked, you will not end up jeopardizing all of your accounts and devices.

Wrapping Up

By now, we are certain that you are convinced to create strong passwords for all the devices and online accounts you use on a daily basis. It is important because our lives are very much dependent on these digital devices and with them not secure, you are putting all your crucial information up for grab. So, keep your digital game strong and your passwords stronger.

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